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A better strategy

Help people overcome their financial obstacles and achieve their goals

  • CacheFlo Advise makes it easy for you to gather and organize your clients' financial data.
  • Our technology uses behavioural-based cash flow management to help you understand your clients' spending behaviour.
  • Provide your clients with a custom goal-driven strategy with your logo and notes.

A smarter spendable

Give people an easy way to stay on track of their spending

  • Your clients' spendable is the amount used for expenses that are at high risk for overspending such as coffee in the morning, groceries or travelling.
  • Our technology calculates a smart spendable based on your clients' unique financial situation.
  • CacheFlo Advise is flexible so you can make choices that fit with your clients' lifestyle.

A brighter future

Show people how to accomplish their financial goals

  • We provide training and support for your team so they can incorporate behavioural-based spending advice into their regular processes.
  • Measure the value of your advice and show your clients the total impact of your management report.
  • On average, CacheFlo Advise finds $1,500 a month per household to fund your client's goals.

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