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The real problems

A growing number of us need help managing debt and spending so that we can achieve our financial and lifestyle goals.

Behaviour is key

Understanding spending habits requires an understanding of why we make certain financial choices.

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FP Canada
CE credits (FPSC)
Economics & Spending: 
Part 1
Herding can influence your client to overspend or sell funds out of fear, it is also one of the most effective tools you can use to help them.

Our solution

We designed classes to focus on behavioural finance and cash flow management, showing you how to develop strategies for real change.

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Certified Cash Flow Specialist

The CCS designation program helps financial professionals become fluent in behavioural spending concepts, debt management, and cash flow formulas.


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1 - 2 CE credits from FP Canada (FPSC)
Course completion certificates


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Course completition certificates
Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) designation (18-month completion date)

Certified Cash Flow Specialist classes

Class 1: Flaws of Budgeting
1.5 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Find out why typical budgeting methods aren't compatible with human behaviour. This class underlines the difficulties of traditional expense categories, and identifies unique scenarios when budgets can help.
Class 2: Committed and Spendable
1.5 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Learn how to understand the concepts of committed and spendable cash flow categories, and use them to help clients with their debt, saving and spending goals.
Class 3: Behavioural Economics: Distraction, Fear and Influence
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Gain insights into market saturation, homo-economicus and other behavioural theories. Learners will be provided with interactive examples of industry studies, and learn the true influence of these biases over everyday spending decisions.
Class 4: Behavioural Economics: Confidence, Environment and Biases
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Dive into more behavioural economics theories that influence spending. Learners will be provided with interactive examples of industry studies and start to draw real-world comparisons to their clients’ habits.
Two people out shopping.
Class 5: Behavioural Economics: Practical Strategies
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Review the behavioural economics theories in Classes 3 and 4, and explore practical application strategies to help recognize, avoid or take advantage of behavioural tendencies.
Class 6: Money Mindsets
1 FP Canada-Approved CE Credit
Learn about seven unique financial personalities that explain how different people instinctively react, think and feel about money. Find out how each mindset invests, spends and saves, and explore effective and individualized communication strategies.
Class 7: The Credit Effect
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Identify possible credit issues based on client data, and learn techniques to improve credit based on client information and history. Also explore recent advances in how FinTech is influencing people’s access and relationship to their personal credit.
Class 8: Debt Data
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Uncover important facts and statistics surrounding client debt. Learners will also discover misconceptions about the causes of debt and their corresponding symptoms.
Class 9: Debt Management Strategies
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Explore a variety of repayment methods and refinancing options, and learn about proactive borrowing theories.
Class 10: Debt Case Studies
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Discover the consequences of different debt management decisions through a series of interactive sequences. Each scenario will allow learners to assess a variety of client and situational factors to determine the optimal strategy.
Class 11: Cash Flow Impact
1 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Learn how to assess expenses based on client data, explore how refinancing can impact spending, and identify opportunities to improve cash flow.
Class 12: Retirement Income Planning
3 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Find out how to calculate a custom retirement income based on clients’ current finances and future objectives. Also explore how to address shifting expenses, savings goals and debt repayment.
Class 13: Navigating Variable Income
4 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Learn how to work with clients who own or are interested in income properties, and help business owners balance their household finances with their business goals. Also, explore how to apply behavioural cash flow planning to businesses with different revenue models.
Class 14: Planning for Life Events
2 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
Find out how to manoeuvre a cash flow strategy through various life events, like getting married, buying a house, planning for a baby, and losing a partner or job. Also learn how to evaluate a client’s financial preparedness for these life events.
Class 15: Communication & Operation Strategies
3 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits, awarded after completing the “Final Exam”
Explore concepts to attract new prospects, and communicate the benefits of a cash flow plan with existing clients. Learners will also develop effective questioning methods so they receive complete spending and debt data from clients. Also, practice a standardized appointment process.
Final Exam
0 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
The exam tests a learner’s knowledge on select topics covered throughout the classes in the CCS designation program. Upon completing the final exam, and assuming all other classes have been completed, you’ll achieve your CCS designation!

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