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Certified Cash Flow Specialist
The Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) designation program helps professionals become fluent in behavioural spending concepts, debt management, and cash flow formulas
  • Enroll in 16 online classes (including the final exam) worth 31 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits
  • Learn through interactive content based on real life scenarios
  • Become certified as a Certified Cash Flow Specialist
CacheFlo Advise
Our professional software is included with the CCS designation program. It helps you quickly find your clients more money for you to put towards their financial goals, such as going on vacation, becoming debt free, and securing their retirement
  • Find out how much your clients can safely spend on the things they can control such as their morning coffee, groceries and travelling
  • Learn how much your clients can save towards short- and long-term goals
  • Connect with Winton (client-facing app) to get your client’s real-time financial information
  • Create customized cash flow strategies for your clients
Our client-facing app helps your clients keep their spending on track by simplifying your finances! Winton users can securely share their financial information with financial professionals using CacheFlo Advise.
  • Help your clients find out what is safe to spend and save
  • Give your clients a way to notify you if their financial situation changes
  • Let your clients see who has access to their financial information


Certified Cash Flow Specialist
10 % off
$2,249 per year
eLearning modules (on-demand)
The Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) designation program includes 15 classes (31 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits) that covers behavioural spending concepts, debt management, and cash flow formulas to develop strategies for real change. Dues and designation maintenance requires a subscription.
3 seats (including 1 routing/assign role)
Three (3) CacheFlo Advise accounts designed for financial professionals, associates and assistants on your team.

One of the CacheFlo Advise accounts is a dispatcher (routing/assign role), giving a team member a view of all households across their team and the ability to transfer households between CacheFlo Advise accounts.
Our client-facing app helps keep spending on track by simplifying a client's finances and allowing them to connect and share their financial information with your team's CacheFlo Advise accounts.
Financial Capability Program
The Financial Capability Program (FCP) includes 12 lessons that combines quick and practical lesson with tools, including Winton, which helps your clients make financial changes they can stick to. Learners can apply what they've learned to their financial situation, thus bridging the knowing-doing gap. The goal of the FCP is to help people get more life from their money.
1000 Households
Your clients are organized in CacheFlo Advise as households, and you get a max. of 1000 households across your team.

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Financial profile
Connect to your client's Winton account and get real-time access to your client's financial information.
Marketing resources
Marketing materials to help attract prospects and re-engage existing clients regarding cash flow management.
Strategy builder
Create a personalized cash flow report in CacheFlo Advise that breaks down your clients' financial information and next steps, so they know how to stay on track.
Client export
Export high-level financial and contact information of all your clients.
Opportunity identifier
Find out how much your clients can safely spend, and what you can safely put toward investments, savings, and their goals.
Spendable recommendation
Find out your client's personalized spendable, so they know how much is safe to spend, and adjust it within our recommended ranges so you can make choices that fit with their lifestyle.
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