When CacheFlo first began its journey of building behaviour-based tools and eLearning, we knew there was a gap in the financial planning process. Every product or sector in the financial services industry is touched by cash flow. Still, cash flow management is not embedded in most existing systems. We set out to bridge that gap, and create tools and education so the industry could provide actionable spending and debt management advice.

We launched the Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) designation program in 2013 to help professionals become fluent in behavioural spending concepts so they could develop strategies for real change. The CCS designation program features dynamic and interactive classes on behavioural economics, including practical strategies that financial professionals can use to help clients make better financial decisions. Today, the CCS designation program qualifies for 31 FP Canada-Approved CE Credits. Check out the classes here.

Sounds great. How do I start?

To kick-start your Certified Cash Flow Specialist Journey, join our Cash Flow Planning Implementation Program and begin a 90-day journey to financial success. Not only will you get access to the first six classes of the Certified Cash Flow Specialist designation, you’ll also equip yourself with the tools and strategies to integrate cash flow planning into your practice, including access to our Advise and Winton software, a Cash Flow Planning Opportunities Assessment, check-ins every 30 days, and a 1:1 case review/strategy call. By the end of the program, you’ll unlock new revenue streams and help clients get more life from their money. 

Learn more about the Cash Flow Planning Implementation Program.

I’m still not sure.

If you don’t think you need to focus on cash flow management because your clients are high-income professionals, they have $500,000 or more in assets, or they’re retired, think again. The presence of assets doesn’t mean that cash flow is maximized, or that debt won’t threaten to erode those assets. 

In fact, among Canadian households with an annual income over $100,000, more than a quarter are somewhat or very financially vulnerable, according to the FP Canada Imagine 2030 progress report. It’s not just young adults that are struggling with debt. According to The Hub, over half of working Canadians over age 60 are doing so out of financial necessity due to debt. Unless you only have ultra-wealthy clients with more than $10 million of investable assets, the majority of your clients will likely benefit from a cash flow strategy, and a spreadsheet isn’t enough. Even clients who aren’t currently struggling with cash flow and debt can still benefit from a cash flow plan. Just as advisors are proactive tax planning instead of waiting for clients to have tax issues, or waste more tax dollars needlessly, a cash flow plan can help optimize clients’ finances regardless of their financial status.

  • Are you a financial professional with a growth mindset? 
  • Are you looking to differentiate yourself? 
  • Can you see the value in helping your clients find money to fund their goals? 
  • Did you get into the industry to help people? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we welcome you to join us for our next Cash Flow Planning Implementation Program kick-off workshop. We’re excited about this next chapter at CacheFlo, and we hope you’ll work with us to be the change the industry needs to see. 


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About CacheFlo

CacheFlo is a financial education company that builds eLearning and tools to help financial professionals and individuals make behaviour-based changes, which allow them to get more life from their money. We want to make it easier for people to predict the impact of their financial choices before they make them.

About the Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) program

CCS professionals go through enhanced cash flow-based training to develop the skill set to deliver behaviour-based cash flow advice. They start the financial planning process with a cash flow plan to genuinely help their clients get more life from their money.

About the Cash Flow Planning Implementation Program

The Cash Flow Planning Implementation Program is a 90-day program designed to help financial professionals overcome obstacles and seamlessly integrate cash flow planning into their practice. In the program, you’ll get access to the essential skills, support and tools needed to start seeing revenue from cash flow planning and how it benefits your clients. Learn more about the Cash Flow Planning Implementation Program.