Winton May 2020 release introduces CacheFlo Support to improve the quality of help for Winton users and CacheFlo Status, so you'll be able to see updates on planned maintenance or service interruptions. Committed expenses were improved by adding debt and mortgage payments to the expense sections, and lastly, warnings triggered next to money found, and spendable when they're unsustainable.

We're here to support you 

CacheFlo Support replaces our CacheFlo Help Center, and can be accessed at or by clicking Support located on the navigation bar in Winton. Help articles specific to Winton users can be found in the Winton section in CacheFlo Support and the support chat bubble on the bottom right-hand corner. We are available to answer your questions between the times of Mon - Fri 10 AM - 5 PM UTC-03:00. 

We are also in the process of phasing out our help email: If you need to contact us by email, send your questions to

Downtime and interrupted service

CacheFlo Status can be accessed at and helps you stay in the loop regarding scheduled downtimes for maintenance or if a disruption you're experiencing is being addressed. Status checks will be expanded over time.

Mortgages, debts and committed expenses

On the Finances page in Winton, debt and mortgage payments are now automatically added to their appropriate expense section. Populated debt and mortgage payments in the expense sections are editable by selecting the link next to the description name. 

On the Home page, the committed expenses tile includes monthly debt and mortgage payments, so you get a fuller picture of your total monthly committed expenses.

Warnings ⚠️

On the Home page in Winton, if your money found is $0, a warning symbol now appears next to both money found and spendable. Money found of $0 suggests your recommended spendable may be unsustainable unless other lifestyle changes are made, or your financial information on the Finances page has been entered incorrectly. Selecting either warning icon will provide hints to help you get your money found or spendable back on track, as well as links to our spendable or money found help articles.

And much much more!

There are quite a few other things we improved, some of which you may not notice; however, they help us make improving Winton and the CacheFlo Suite much easier.